The term ‘eating disorder’ can include any form of disordered eating pattern that is causing disruption of everyday life. These patterns include:

  • weight cycling (yo-yo dieting)
  • anorexia nervosa
  • bulimia
  • bulimia nervosa
  • binge eating
  • many other struggles with health or weight management

We know it can be scary to face an eating disorder, especially without effective support systems. Regular meetings with a registered dietitian in a collaborative, empathic and supportive environment are integral components of a treatment process that gets real results.

At Harmonic Nutrition & Wellness, we specialize in helping our clients to take small steps towards developing a healthy relationship with food and exercise. Our nutrition and lifestyle counseling philosophy is highly professional and effective yet personable, humanistic and tailored to meet your specific situation. The ultimate goal is to lay the foundation for normalizing eating patterns and the maintenance of a healthy weight in the absence of destructive behaviors.

Sample topics for nutritional counseling and coaching sessions include:

  • Macro and micro-nutrients necessary for good health
  • Realistic, sustainable, non-diet approaches to health and weight management that don’t require weighing or measuring foods
  • Recognizing and identifying eating styles (deprivation-driven, intuitive, emotional and/or compulsive)
  • Framework for recognizing the process of eating for “physical hunger” versus “emotional hunger”
  • Techniques to increase awareness of eating triggers and hunger/satiety cues, and how to use these signals to successfully manage food and weight
  • Appropriate short- and long-term goal setting
  • How to recognize and deal appropriately with feelings associated with eating
  • Defining healthy meal patterns for clients of all ages
  • Prevention strategies for eating disorders in children
  • Monitoring of nutrition assessment parameters

Team-based support

Eating disorders are highly complex in nature and are not usually “just about the food.” With this in mind, we encourage you to work with us in collaboration with a multi-disciplinary treatment team that includes a professional psychologist, counselor or therapist.

Am I Hungry?® workshops and coaching will help you learn mindful and intuitive eating techniques. These empower your natural ability to regulate food intake, while meeting your needs for nourishment and enjoyment. Learn more about this comprehensive non-diet approach to weight management.

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