We all know how hard it is to follow a diet. If our eating isn’t simple and satisfying, we simply won’t stick with it. Plus, did you know that chronic dieting often causes you to gain weight? This vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting can make you feel like a failure. The truth is that you have not failed – the diet has failed you!

Like everyone else, I struggle with fitting everything into my busy schedule, so I understand how easy it is to eat poorly. Because of this, much of the work I do with my clients revolves around what I call “intuitive eating”. It’s about providing rather than depriving: if we provide the body what it needs instead of depriving it of what it wants, it will soon remember to want what it needs!

To help my clients move to that point, I take a highly personalized, integrated approach to health and wellness. Being a both a licensed nutritionist and health and life coach, I look at all aspects of your life and how it can impact your daily functioning and well-being.

I learn about what’s important to you—your background, habits, needs, stress and schedules—and most importantly, what you would like to accomplish in our work together. Then we design a vision of what you would like your life to look like and the goals to get you there. The result is lifelong behavior change that contributes to a balanced and healthy relationship with eating and exercise. Through the coaching process, you end up looking and feeling your best!

So whether you’re an individual, a family or other group, or a corporation that’s recognized it’s time for a positive change, give me a call. I’ll work with you on an individually tailored program designed to put your life goals on track for success.

My name’s Lesli Koskela. I’m the Anti-Diet Dietitian. My passion is providing lifestyle and wellness coaching, workshops and nutrition therapy to individuals and groups around the globe.

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