Every living organism, including people, begins life with a certain set of circumstances – our genetic makeup or DNA. We are then subject to changes imposed on us from outside – our physical, mental and emotional environment and the food we put into our bodies. Our services at Harmonic Nutrition & Wellness are science-based. We often need to test new clients to determine where their bodies are on the physiological spectrum before deciding which factors we need to address concerning how they relate to food.

Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food. – Hippocrates

We offer individual metabolic profile test kits so we can learn more about your individual biochemistry. These tests take the guesswork out of determining which nutrients your body requires to improve your metabolism. They also provide excellent progress benchmarks to help you gauge when you no longer need certain supplements and are ready to move on to addressing other issues.

We offer several categories of tests:

Nutrition Deficiency – Basic & Comprehensive

Food Intolerance & Sensitivity – MRT & ALCAT

Each of these categories has several types of test kits available for specific related issues under the larger category umbrella. We will assist you in determining which test is right for you. Please call or Email us for your free 15-minute consultation.

You can purchase these kits directly from their individual pages. They will then be mailed directly to your home and we will provide instructions for test completion.